Maitake Mushroom for Cancer? (15 Extract Benefits)

What are the benefits of Maitake Mushroom Extract? Maitake Mushroom offers the following health benefits ●       Rich source of vitamin D (Improves immune function) ●       Decreases Cholesterol (Improves the health of the heart) ●       Cancer support (By attacking cancerous cells) ●       Can help […]

9 Reishi mushroom proven Benefits (Cancer treatment?)

Reishi mushroom Benefits list Reishi mushrooms have been used for hundreds of years in Asian medicine for the following benefits: Reishi mushroom also has benefits for health conditions such as: In the video below, Dr. Gus explains the medicinal properties, benefits, and uses of Reishi and how you can use it to treat your specific […]

7 proven Kalawalla herb Benefits (best time to take, side effects)

Table of Contents What are Kalawalla’s Benefits? Kalawalla provides many health benefits: As a natural food supplement, it protects against the following health conditions: What are the Side Effects of Kalawalla (Calaguala)? The Side Effects of Kalawalla (Calaguala) may include: Symptoms usually go away after taking Kalawalla for a short time. What is the Best […]

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