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What are Citrulline's other names?

  • L-Citrulline
  • Stimol
  • Watermelon extract

What is Citrulline's recommended dosage?

  • Recommended daily intake: 6 - 8 g
  • Recommended daily doses: 1

What supplements interact with Citrulline?

No supplements that have a synergystic effect with this one.

What can Citrulline help with?

  • Citrulline for Fatigue

  • Citrulline for Muscle Soreness

  • Citrulline for Exercise Capacity (with Heart Conditions)

  • Citrulline for Urine and Urination

What is Citrulline used for?

  • Citrulline for Heart health

  • Citrulline for Muscle building

Moderately Positive

The only side effect reported was a feeling of stomach discomfort in 14.63% of the subjects. We conclude that the use of CM might be useful to increase athletic performance in high-intensity anaerobic exercises with short rest times and to relieve postexercise muscle soreness. Thus, athletes undergoing intensive preparation involving a high level of training or in competitive events might profit from CM.

Slightly Positive

Administration of L-arginine and citrulline to patients with HFpEF improved right ventricular function by increasing right ventricular ejection fraction, and probably decreasing systolic pulmonary artery pressure.

Slightly Positive

Growth hormone increased after exercise in both groups, although the increase was higher in the citrulline-malate supplemented group (p < 0.05). L-citrulline-malate supplementation can enhance the use of amino acids, especially the branched chain amino acids during exercise and also enhance the production of arginine-derived metabolites such as nitrite, creatinine, ornithine and urea.

Slightly Positive

Plasma insulin and Gh were not affected by CIT administration. Short-term CIT administration is safe and well-tolerated. CIT is a potent precursor of ARG. However, at the highest doses, CIT accumulated in plasma while plasma ARG levels increased less than expected. This may be due to saturation of the renal conversion of CIT into ARG.

Slightly Positive

The changes in muscle metabolism produced by CM treatment indicate that CM may promote aerobic energy production.

  • Citrulline for Energy

  • Citrulline for Men's health

  • Citrulline for Immunity

  • Citrulline for Overall health

What are Citrulline's effects on the body?

  • Citrulline for the Cardiovascular System

  • Citrulline for the Nervous System

  • Citrulline for the Muscular System

  • Citrulline for the Endocrine System

  • Citrulline for the Immune System

  • Citrulline for the Urinary System

  • Citrulline for the Reproductive System

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