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Lemon Balm

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What are Lemon Balm's other names?

  • Bee balm
  • Erva-cidreira
  • Garden Balm
  • Melissa
  • Melissa officinalis
  • Melissengeist

What is Lemon Balm's recommended dosage?

  • Recommended daily intake: 300 mg

What supplements interact with Lemon Balm?

No supplements that have a synergystic effect with this one.

What can Lemon Balm help with?

  • Lemon Balm for Aggression

  • Lemon Balm for Anxiety

  • Lemon Balm for DNA Damage

  • Lemon Balm for Fatigue

  • Lemon Balm for Insomnia

  • Lemon Balm for Oxidative Damage

  • Lemon Balm for Stress

What is Lemon Balm used for?

  • Lemon Balm for Emotional health

  • Lemon Balm for Energy

  • Lemon Balm for Mental health

  • Lemon Balm for Sleep quality

  • Lemon Balm for Antioxidant potential

What are Lemon Balm's effects on the body?

  • Lemon Balm for the Nervous System

Self-rated "calmness," as assessed by Bond-Lader mood scales, was elevated at the earliest time points by the lowest dose, whilst "alertness" was significantly reduced at all time points following the highest dose. Both nicotinic and muscarinic binding were found to be low in comparison to the levels found in previous studies.

These results suggest that the potential for M. officinalis to mitigate the effects of stress deserves further investigation.

Our study demonstrates, for the first time that chronic administration of Melissa officinalis L. relieves stress-related effects. It is critical that further studies incorporate a placebo and investigate physiological stress markers.

The changes as observed after the application of this herbal composition are therefore in line with the idea of having induced a state of relaxation and regeneration. This interpretation suggests that one could expect from the ingestion of this lozenge to better cope with psychological and emotional stress. The data are further proof that recording computer aided quantitative EEG is a very fruitful and promising approach in psychophysiology.

These results suggest that doses of Melissa officinalis at or above the maximum employed here can improve cognitive performance and mood and may therefore be a valuable adjunct in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. The results also suggest that different preparations derived from the same plant species may exhibit different properties depending on the process used for the sample preparation.

  • Lemon Balm for the Overall Systems

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