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What are N-Acetylcysteine's other names?

  • NAC
  • N-Ac
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine

What is N-Acetylcysteine's recommended dosage?

    No intake information available.

What supplements interact with N-Acetylcysteine?

No supplements that have a synergystic effect with this one.

What can N-Acetylcysteine help with?

  • N-Acetylcysteine for COPD

  • N-Acetylcysteine for Drug Use and Addiction

  • N-Acetylcysteine for Lead Poisoning

  • N-Acetylcysteine for Trichotillomania

What is N-Acetylcysteine used for?

  • N-Acetylcysteine for Antioxidant potential

  • N-Acetylcysteine for Detox

  • N-Acetylcysteine for Overall health

  • N-Acetylcysteine for Mental health

  • N-Acetylcysteine for Skin, hair and nails

What are N-Acetylcysteine's effects on the body?

  • N-Acetylcysteine for the Overall Systems

  • N-Acetylcysteine for the Respiratory System

  • N-Acetylcysteine for the Digestive System

  • N-Acetylcysteine for the Nervous System

Across placebo and NAC conditions, only mild side effects were noted, and the number of subjects reporting side effects did not differ. There were trends for a greater reduction in withdrawal symptoms and craving within the NAC condition. These preliminary results suggest that NAC is well tolerated in healthy, cocaine-dependent individuals and may reduce cocaine-related withdrawal symptoms and craving.

These reductions parallel those noted in prior NAC treatment studies in cocaine and nicotine dependent individuals (6,7). Although the present findings should be interpreted in light of the limitations of this preliminary study (i.e. open-label study without a control group, limited semi-quantitative urine drug testing), data strongly suggest the need for a more rigorous examination of NAC for treatment of cannabis dependence.

These results indicate that the cystine-glutamate exchanger and the glial glutamate transporter are downregulated after nicotine self-administration, and augmenting exchanger activity with N-acetylcysteine reduced the number of cigarettes smoked in nicotine-dependent individuals.

This study, the first to our knowledge that examines the efficacy of a glutamatergic agent in the treatment of trichotillomania, found that N-acetylcysteine demonstrated statistically significant reductions in trichotillomania symptoms. No adverse events occurred in the N-acetylcysteine group, and N-acetylcysteine was well tolerated. Pharmacologic modulation of the glutamate system may prove to be useful in the control of a range of compulsive behaviors.

  • N-Acetylcysteine for the Integumentary system

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