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Rose Hip

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What are Rose Hip's other names?

  • Cynosbati fructus
  • Dog Rose
  • Fructae cynosbati
  • Rosa canina

What is Rose Hip's recommended dosage?

  • Recommended daily intake: 5 - 10 g
  • Recommended daily doses: 2

What supplements interact with Rose Hip?

No supplements that have a synergystic effect with this one.

What can Rose Hip help with?

  • Rose Hip for Osteoarthritis

  • Rose Hip for Pain

  • Rose Hip for Rheumatoid Arthritis

  • Rose Hip for Skin Aging

What is Rose Hip used for?

  • Rose Hip for Joint support

Slightly Positive

10.5 g Litozin® in 28 days had neither effect on clinical symptoms or laboratory measurements in patients with RA or healthy controls. This is in contrast to previous intervention studies with rose hip powder that found a reduction in the concentration of CRP. The results of the present study indicate that a daily amount of approximately 10 g rose hip powder for one month has no anti-inflammatory and/or antioxidant effect.

Slightly Positive

Daily intake of rose-hip powder for four weeks by healthy volunteers and patients suffering from osteoarthritis, resulted in reduced serum C-reactive protein (CRP) levels and reduced chemotaxis of peripheral blood neutrophils. The results indicate that rose-hip possesses anti-inflammatory properties and might be used as a replacement or supplement for conventional drug therapies in patients with osteoarthritis.

Slightly Positive

The data indicate that Hyben Vital reduces the symptoms of osteoarthritis. We interpret the marked differences in the responses of the two groups as indicating a strong "carryover" effect of Hyben Vital.

Slightly Positive

The data suggest that the present herbal remedy can alleviate symptoms of osteoarthritis and reduce the consumption of 'rescue medication'.

Slightly Positive

The results indicate that patients with RA may benefit from additional treatment with rose hip powder.

Slightly Positive

These results indicate that rose hip possesses antiinflammatory properties and might be used as a replacement or supplement for conventional drug therapies in some inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

  • Rose Hip for Skin, hair and nails

  • Rose Hip for Weight loss

  • Rose Hip for Overall health

  • Rose Hip for Heart health

What are Rose Hip's effects on the body?

  • Rose Hip for the Skeletal System

  • Rose Hip for the Cardiovascular System

  • Rose Hip for the Nervous System

  • Rose Hip for the Digestive System

  • Rose Hip for the Muscular System

  • Rose Hip for the Integumentary system

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