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Vitamin C

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What are Vitamin C's other names?

  • 2-oxo-L-threo-hexono-1
  • 3-enediol
  • 4-lactone-2
  • Ascorbate
  • Ascorbic Acid
  • L-ascorbic acid

What is Vitamin C's recommended dosage?

  • Recommended daily intake: 100 - 200 mg

What supplements interact with Vitamin C?

  • Vitamin C and Iron

  • Vitamin C and Zinc

  • Vitamin C and Aloe vera

  • Vitamin C and Green Tea Extract

  • Vitamin C and Melatonin

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E

  • Vitamin C and Vitamin K

What can Vitamin C help with?

  • Vitamin C for Fatigue

  • Vitamin C for Muscle Soreness

  • Vitamin C for Oxidative Damage

Slightly Positive

Data analysis was carried out using Mann-Whitney U test with p < 0.05 being significant by SPSS software version 16.The result of the study showed a significantly decrease in fasting (p = 0.006) and postprandial MDA (p < 0.001) in vitamin C group compare to placebo group but not in lipid profile. This study suggests that vitamin C supplementation can decrease fasting and postprandial oxidative stress and may prevent diabetes complication.

Slightly Positive

In conclusion, acute supplementation with a high dose of VC has little or no effect on the hormonal, interleukin-6, or immune response to prolonged exercise and combined ingestion of VC with CHO provides no additional effects compared with CHO alone.

Slightly Positive

In contrast, vitamin C supplementation decreased urinary concentrations of DHN-MA (three-way interaction p=0.0304) in nonsmoking men compared with nonsmoking women (p<0.05), as well as in nonsmoking men compared with smoking men (p<0.05). Vitamin C supplementation also decreased (p=0.0092) urinary total of metabolites by ~20%. Thus, HPNE metabolites can be reduced favorably in response to improved plasma ascorbic acid concentrations, an effect due to ascorbic acid antioxidant function.

Slightly Positive

Oral supplementation of vitamin C is not associated with changes in markers of oxidation or endothelial activation in healthy male smokers.

Slightly Positive

These findings are the first to suggest that oral vitamin C supplementation provides an effective prophylaxis against exercise-induced free radical-mediated lipid peroxidation in human diabetic blood.

Slightly Positive

These findings suggest that administration of 1,000 mg of ascorbic acid plus 400 IU of alpha-tocopherol for 6 months is not useful for diminishing oxidative stress and DNA damage in healthy elderly adults.

Slightly Positive

Uric acid and TAC were decreased in group I on all measurement days. However, we did not observe any differences in the clinical status of patients receiving vitamin C during the first ten days of stroke or after 3 months. Although administration of vitamin C (500 mg/day, iv) to ischemic stroke patients since the first day ischemic stroke resulted in elevated serum levels of antioxidants, it did not substantially improve the clinical and functional status of patients after 3 months.

  • Vitamin C for Vaginitis

What is Vitamin C used for?

What are Vitamin C's effects on the body?

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