See below a list of body functions that can be supported by supplements, based on scientific studies from the U.S. National Library of Medicine.

Antioxidant potential
Compounds that inhibit oxidative stress on body cells cause by free radicals, and may also reduce inflammation.

Helps in the process of removing toxic substances that are harmful to the body, usually via the kidneys and liver.

Maintains a good function of the digestive tract, including the absorption of nutrients and intestinal flora.

Emotional health
Improves the resilience or ability to endure and improve on negative emotions such as anxiety, fear, stress and anger.

Increases mental and physical activity capacity by providing stimulation to the body.

Heart health
Improves the health of blood vessels and heart to reduce the risk of cardiac disease.

Maintains a healthy immune system to provide an effective response to external threats to the body.

Insulin control
Handles the of response from cells to insulin. A high insulin sensitivity allows cells to use blood sugar more effectively.

Joint support
Reduces pain caused by arthritis and improves the function and range of motion of the joints.

Men's health
Promotes healthy levels of the testosterone hormone and its related effects such as sperm quality and prostatic health.

Mental health
Improves memory capacity, response time and focus, mantaining brain health and reducing the risk of cognitive diseases.

Muscle building
Increases the rate of muscle gain while decreasing the rate of muscle loss, improving body composition.

Overall health
Help to achieve an optimal state of physical and mental health, and promotes the absence of disease.

A state of mental, physical and emotional well being related to sexual health, function and desire .

Skin, hair and nails
Maintains good health of the areas related to physical appearance like skin, nails and hair.

Sleep quality
Improves important sleep characteristics, including sleep quality, sleep length and sleep easiness.

Raises the amount of testosterone in the blood, the primary male sex hormone. It promotes male secondary sexual traits.

Visual health
Improves ocular health and helps to maintain visual acuity.

Weight loss
Promotes a decrease in body mass, ideally by reducing body fat through a metabolism increase.

Women's health
Aids in the prevention of health issues specific to women, such as gynecologycal health, menstrual symptoms and estrogen.

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