7 Supplements for Altitude Sickness (Natural Remedy?)

Is there a natural remedy for Altitude Sickness? These practices can be considered a natural remedy for altitude sickness: Consuming more carbohydrates Staying hydrated Drinking lemon juice with honey and cinnamon Intaking garlic cloves Altitude Sickness is a collection of symptoms the body experiences when it reaches high altitudes (>8000 feet) too quickly while climbing […]

What is Shiitake Mushroom good for? (HPV and Skin Benefits)

What is Shiitake mushroom good for? Shiitake mushrooms are beneficial to your health as well as your nutrition. Having a rich nutritional profile of vitamin B, fiber, and essential minerals – they offer multiple health benefits including: Improving heart health Fighting Cancer Enhancing immunity Lowering cholesterol levels Maintaining healthy skin Gut wellness Antimicrobial effect Strengthening […]

Maitake Mushroom for Cancer? (15 Extract Benefits)

What are the benefits of Maitake Mushroom Extract? Maitake Mushroom offers the following health benefits ●       Rich source of vitamin D (Improves immune function) ●       Decreases Cholesterol (Improves the health of the heart) ●       Cancer support (By attacking cancerous cells) ●       Can help […]

What is Eleuthero used for? (6 Benefits, Dosage, Side effects)

What is Eleuthero used for? Eleuthero is mainly used for its “adaptogen” properties. An adaptogen is a non-medical term used for herbs that supposedly boost the body’s resistance to stress. Joint and Bones Osteoarthritis Osteoporosis Rheumatoid arthritis Cardiovascular System Heart disease High cholesterol Atherosclerosis High blood pressure Low Blood Pressure Nervous System Anxiety Depression Stress […]

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