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Can I take Ashwagandha, Myo Inositol and Berberine Together?

Table of Contents Can I take Ashwagandha and Berberine together? Can I take Berberine and Myo-inositol together? Can you take Berberine, Quercetin, and Gynostemma together? Can you take Chromium and Berberine together? Can you take Chromium, Berberine, Magnesium, and Resveratrol together? Can you take Berberine and NAC together? Is it safe to take Berberine, Oregano, […]

11 Milk Thistle plant uses (When to take: Morning or Night?)

What are the uses of the Milk Thistle plant? The Milk Thistle plant has the following uses: It protects the liver from damage from the conditions like alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and hepatitis.  It prevents age-related age decline in brain functioning due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  It may prevent bone […]

9 Elderberry Flower and Echinacea Tea Benefits (Overdose?)

What are the benefits of Elderberry flower? Elderberry flower has the following benefits: It supports the respiratory system Stimulates and boosts the immune system It helps reduce the severity of viral respiratory illnesses It helps relieve sinus infection symptoms Improve symptoms of constipation It may help lower blood sugar levels It may help lower blood […]

Essential oil for Vitiligo (Turmeric and Mustard Oil?)

What are the benefits of Turmeric and Mustard oil for Vitiligo? The benefits of Turmeric and Mustard oil for Vitiligo have been widely discussed owing to their several medicinal anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.  A mixture of both Turmeric and Mustard oil has been shown to stimulate skin pigmentation. This can be store-bought or easily prepared […]

5 Banaba Extract Benefits (Metformin and Banaba Leaf?)

What are the Benefits of Banaba Extract? Banaba Extract’s possible benefits include: Anticancer effects.  Antibacterial and antiviral potential.  Antithrombotic effect. Protection against kidney damage Prevent weight gain Banaba extract contains over 40 active ingredients in which corosolic acid and ellagic acid stand out as they are responsible for most of these benefits. Corosolic acid and […]

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