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Remedy for Psoriasis in Homeopathy (Naturopathic Treatment?)

Is there a remedy for Psoriasis in Homeopathy? There is a remedy for Psoriasis in Homeopathy. This is evident in a case series study that compiled data from six different psoriatic patients treated with Homeopathy showing improvement in their general health and the disease complications.  The following list includes the most important Homeopathic treatments for […]

Milk Thistle plant uses (When to take: Morning or Night?)

What are the uses of the Milk Thistle plant? The Milk Thistle plant has the following uses: It protects the liver from damage from the conditions like alcoholic liver disease, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and hepatitis.  It prevents age-related age decline in brain functioning due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.  It may prevent bone […]

What is Tarragon used for? (Allergy to Tarragon?)

What is Tarragon used for? Tarragon leaves are sometimes used for herbal tea preparation, which is consumed to help with indigestion and weight loss. Extracts of tarragon are used to prepare essential oils that may help improve overall body health via the following benefits: Improve immunity Improve sleep Increase appetite Help lose weight Reduce inflammation […]

What does Goldenseal do? (an antibiotic for UTI?)

What does Goldenseal do? In short, goldenseal does the following functions: Decreases inflammation Decreases infections Decreases appetite Treats skin conditions  Treats heavy or painful menstrual cycles Treats nasal congestion Treats incendiary or digestive issues, acid reflux Goldenseal is a food additive for respiratory infections, pharyngitis, hay fever (hay fever), lesions, and gastrointestinal tract disgusts like […]

7 proven Kalawalla herb benefits (best time to take, side effects)

What are Kalawalla’s Benefits? Kalawalla provides many health benefits: Immune system regulation and support Anti-inflammatory Antioxidant (fights free radicals) Skin cell protection Brain cell protection Blood cleansing As a natural food supplement, it protects against the following health conditions: Immuno-deficiency Psoriasis Vitiligo Sunlight-induced dermatitis UV radiation sunburns Dementia Also, see here other supplements that can […]

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