Mental Health

What is Agmatine Sulfate used for? (Dose, Side Effects)

Agmatine Sulfate is commonly used for the following effects: Neuroprotection Stroke Nerve injuries Epilepsy Glaucoma Neuropathic pain Herniated disc pain Alzheimer disease Parkinson diseaseSeizures Stress Psychiatric Conditions Depression Anxiety Alcohol use disorder Schizophrenia Cognition Autism Bipolar disorder Schizophrenia Athletic performance Nitric oxide and muscle pumps Mental and physical energy Reduces cortisol Blood glucose and insulin […]

Yuan Zhi (Polygala Tenuifolia) benefits, dosage, side effects

What are Yuan Zhi’s (Polygala Tenuifolia) benefits? The root of this plant is used as a herbal extract in traditional chinese medicine to “nourish heart and spirit”. It has cognitive and neuroprotective effects on the brain: focus, memory, creativity, intelligence, motivation, mood and relaxation. It also reduces swelling (anti-inflammatory). Yuan Zhi has therapeutic effects in: […]

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