Cardiovascular Health

6 Uses for Mustard Oil (Does it increase Cholesterol?)

Table of Contents What are some uses for Mustard Oil? Does Mustard oil increase cholesterol? Can Mustard oil be used to soothe conditions like eczema? What benefits can come out of massaging Mustard oil inside the nostrils? What are the benefits of a garlic and Mustard oil massage? Can Mustard oil be used to massage […]

7 Supplements for Altitude Sickness (Natural Remedy?)

Is there a natural remedy for Altitude Sickness? These practices can be considered a natural remedy for altitude sickness: Consuming more carbohydrates Staying hydrated Drinking lemon juice with honey and cinnamon Intaking garlic cloves Altitude Sickness is a collection of symptoms the body experiences when it reaches high altitudes (>8000 feet) too quickly while climbing […]

What is NAC good for? (and How Much to Take?)

What is NAC good for? NAC or N-Acetyl-Cysteine is good for the following: It helps produce the antioxidant Glutathione in the body, thus helping to prevent cellular damage from free radicals.  It helps to prevent or reduce kidney and liver damage by detoxifying and removing environmental toxins.  Helps improve and treat mental conditions by regulating […]

9 Elderberry Flower and Echinacea Tea Benefits (Overdose?)

What are the benefits of Elderberry flower? Elderberry flower has the following benefits: It supports the respiratory system Stimulates and boosts the immune system It helps reduce the severity of viral respiratory illnesses It helps relieve sinus infection symptoms Improve symptoms of constipation It may help lower blood sugar levels It may help lower blood […]

What does Inositol aid? (PCOS Dose)

What does Inositol aid? Inositol can aid in boosting mood and metabolism. Inositol can also aid balance certain chemicals in the body associated with mental conditions and treat disorders such as: Panic disorder Depression Obsessive-compulsive disorder Anxiety Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) Autism Alzheimer’s disease Inositol may help in the treatment of other health conditions such […]

5 Banaba Extract Benefits (Metformin and Banaba Leaf?)

What are the Benefits of Banaba Extract? Banaba Extract’s possible benefits include: Anticancer effects.  Antibacterial and antiviral potential.  Antithrombotic effect. Protection against kidney damage Prevent weight gain Banaba extract contains over 40 active ingredients in which corosolic acid and ellagic acid stand out as they are responsible for most of these benefits. Corosolic acid and […]

Can you find Berberine in Turmeric? (how much should I take?)

What is Berberine used for? Berberine is used for its studied effect in treating several diseases including High cholesterol High blood pressure Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) Skin-related problems Liver disease Heart diseases Inflammation Obesity Depression Cancer Infections Gut health Type 2 Diabetes Researchers are conducting several studies to find out the reason behind the antidiabetic […]

Maitake Mushroom for Cancer? (15 Extract Benefits)

What are the benefits of Maitake Mushroom Extract? Maitake Mushroom offers the following health benefits ●       Rich source of vitamin D (Improves immune function) ●       Decreases Cholesterol (Improves the health of the heart) ●       Cancer support (By attacking cancerous cells) ●       Can help […]

What is Butcher’s Broom good for? (Vertigo, Hemorrhoids?)

Butcher’s broom is good for circulatory diseases because it stimulates circulation and helps the veins contract. Vascular Conditions leg cramps leg pain varicose veins chronic venous insufficiency lymphedema itching swelling and inflammation hemorrhoids orthostatic hypotension Other Health Conditions constipation (laxative) promotes urination (diuretic) speed the healing of fractures kidney stones gallstones hardening of the arteries […]

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